L'Wren Scott NEWS OF F/W 2012 AT LG showroom

One of the 21st century’s iconic designers, L’Wren Scott acquired her highly
specific eye for clothes backstage, on set and in the wardrobe departments
of film studios. Developed through years of hands-on experience collaborating
with designers and dressing personal clients, her unerring instinct for making
women look good won her a reputation as one of the most sought after – and
discreet – stylists in the business.
Throughout all this, she quietly flexed her creativity in other directions.
Her affinity for picking the perfect jewel for the right dress led to a desire to
start designing them. Finally, she has taken the experience of years of privately
designing special dresses to the next level. The L’Wren Scott collection is a
tightly edited expression of her taste for fiercely feminine, exceptionally made
clothes, spanning jeans to eveningwear. Launched in 2006, her brand is stocked
only at the world’s most exclusive retailers – and has developed a loyal
following amongst leading celebrities, stateswomen and businesswomen.
The L’Wren Scott label is built upon a philosophy of timeless style,
rejecting the concept of trends in favor of creating versatile, classic pieces
that can be worn in a variety of ways and environments. Famed for their
simple silhouettes, L’Wren’s pieces are generally very complicated in their
construction, using her experience of dressing real people in order to sculpt
and flatter the body. The collection is aimed at discerning customers who
appreciate luxury, delicate fabrics and attention to detail.


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