Livia Gregoretti: the founder

Livia Gregoretti made her debut in fashion during the ‘80s, driven by the possibilities of this wonderful expanding world. After her first steps as head of Italian distribution for various brands, decides to open her own space in the italian fashion capital in 1996: the Livia Gregoretti Showroom in Milan. She stands out for her vision, her intuition and her great experience in the market - characteristics that immediately led her to conduct the expansion of several French haute couture houses on the Italian and European market. Livia is a catalyst of opportunities for emerging designers, developing commercial strategies for the opening of new branches such as important American brands in Italy.

Livia Gregoretti: values and passions

Livia Gregoretti is a woman who lives in the present, but always looks at the future and knows how to recognize the value of the past. She is passionate about life, nature and people that together boost up her professional creativity. Her passions range from interior design, sport and sustainability, to different holistic disciplines such as yoga, pilates and meditation. As her experience testifies, Livia Gregoretti has always had the ability to anticipate the market, not only in the fashion sector, but also in design, architecture, light and art in general. The Livia Gregoretti Showroom is the undisputed proof of this.


The idea and meaning of fashion have been radically transformed by Culture 4.0, revolutionizing the whole world in areas such as music, sport, cinema, cuisine and lifestyle. This evolution has always been highly regarded by Livia Gregoretti, who has made it a source of inspiration, a real compass. The mission at Livia Gregoretti's showroom is to build a workshop of ideas, where the great experience acquired over the years can blend synergistically with the enthusiasm of creative people. Discovering different artistic backgrounds, to find together new directions in ethical, effective and sustainable development strategies.